5 Traits That Make a Grown Man Sexy

There’s something about a sexy man that stands out in a crowd of other men. It’s not always about looks and he knows it.

Here are 5 traits that make a grown man sexy and irresistible to a woman.

1 – Talk The Talk – When a man opens his mouth to talk, and his voice is seasoned with bass, this shows a sense of awarenesses. (Confidence trait).

2 – Walk The Walk – Hmm, walking with good posture and a steady flow that’s not slow is appealing in a woman’s eyes. That kind of swag shows he’s about his business. He don’t time for games. (Leadership trait).

3 – Dressed To Impress – A well dressed man shows he’s conscious of life. He want to look his best. How you look on the outside most of the time coincides with how you feel on the inside. (Conscious trait).

4 – Walking The Dog – Mans best friend! Traits of responsibility, love and care is what this man holds. All key qualities women love. (Responsibility trait).

5 – Child’s play – The compassion of it all! A man playing with children, shows the trait of selflessness. He enjoy making someone else happy other than himself. (Compassion trait).


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