Pre Teen 2

Preteens are at an awkward stage in life. Their bodies are developing, their hormones are jumping and changing by the day, and their moods go from happy to sad almost instantly. As a mom of a preteen son, I’ll pass along what works for me. Here are 3 Tips on how to deal with preteen mood swings.

1 – For Moodiness (Snappy) – Give them their space. Allow them to have time by themselves in their room or somewhere in the house they choose to hang out. Sometimes preteens don’t know what they want. Having time alone will help them regroup. Check in on them often just in case they need you and want to talk.

2 – For Sadness – Preteens are slightly like teens. Sometimes they don’t want to talk about what’s bothering them, and as parents we are more clever than our children. Cheer them up in the most indirect way possible. For example, show them a funny picture or video on your phone computer or TV. Set the mood by exaggerating how hilarious it is before you show them. Laughter quickly changes sadness to happiness.

3 – For Happiness – Take a mental note of what it is that’s making them happy. This is important for when they become sad or moody again, you can incorporate what they like to lighten their mood.

We all been preteens before and know how frustrating it can be and how out of place at times one can feel. However, you know your child better than anyone. If you feel your child need outside professional help, don’t hesitate seek help immediately.


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